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Spin & Modualtion

Here are the three vibrations that when aligned properly allow a recruit to match frequencies with the cosmos, ‘All That Is’

The First Is-- Modulation As the universes were created, so was sound. (The Word) Waves of Aural resonance filled space and time. Sound is every much an envoy of (All That Is) as motion, and light. The three expressions of truth began at the same instant. Vibrations seek matter in order to communicate. The lack of matter render’s waves inconsequential.

Some folks will compose their own progression of notes, while others will acquire a sound track in jazz, rock and roll, or a popular song on the radio. It doesn’t matter where you get it from. Just as long as it describes your inner landscape.

The second vibration has to do with light. Inner Color Surfing is the method by which a seeker can determine the exact wave-length of light that defines their interior roadmap. Each seeker will choose a shade that matches (the eye of god). The eye can be found by closing your eyes and imagining nothingness.. What you need to do is concentrate even further on those eyes until you can recognize the exact shade of color present. Congratulations! Now you’re cooking with gas.

The only step remaining is to imagine the color of that eye spreading across your inner landscape. With practice you’ll master the skill of closing your eyes and immediately gazing deep into your color. Trust me.

The third component is – Spin This step deals more with the terrain outside of your body. It represents movement through the physical realm. In a way this vibration efficiently translates charged energy better than either light or sound in the material plane. The movement of an entity’s body must adhere to a choreographed plot of steps and hand maneuvers. The alignment of spine to sky must be congruent. The direction and timing of feet and hands works like a clock, ticking towards infinity: that perfect calibration where the universal gears mesh and become a solid unit-nirvana.

With your progression chiming in your ears, your color firmly captured behind your eyes. You’ll move in the proper pattern to connect with the cosmos.

In a far flung retirement facility twenty miles north of Philly a stoic figure sits at a virtual keyboard. He has no social security number; and for the time being, the government is unaware of his existence. Gray dominates his hair and beard, yet his eyes sparkle with an intense radiance that commands immediate respect. Who is this enigma, and what is the purpose of his visit?

His disposition is firm yet jovial. Occasionally he resorts to sarcasm to prove a point. A slight smile emerges if he suspects irony behind a motive.

Matt is a shaman of sorts. He can heal diseases, cures drug addictions, can travel through time and the astral plane. He can levitate, fly and turn on the charm when expected. He’s blesses with the ability to match frequencies with souls in other realms. His vision and hearing are stupendous. At time his voice is amplified. A force field surrounds his body. Rubs beard with thumbnail while in thought. When instructing recruits about Spin & Mod his voice take on a melodious quality.

The plot twists when his followers turn him onto Magic Mushrooms and the Grateful Dead. After the death of a friend he devises a new plan that enables him to communicate with Jerry Garcia’s spirit. Jerry agrees to help him on his quest, avert a modern day Crusade, preventing a global catastrophe.

The Messenger introduces a new discipline called Spin & Modulation to his followers. Spin & Mod is a method of aligning the three prime vibrations with the cosmos to enter alternative dimensions. Mathew Wells along with his followers must spread this fledgling discipline throughout the planet.