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About my Book Psychedelic Prophet:

Psychedelic Prophet, my Urban Sci/Fi Novel, has six main characters but in its entirety, there are thirty including the ghost of Jerry Garcia. My novel Psychedelic Prophet is the first of three books planned in a novel series. The cover and illustrated inserts of the main characters were created by to talented artists Roberto Alezandro Gonzalez and Yoshiko Sakamoto.

Roberto Alezandro Gonzalez drafted a stark, one of a kind front cover for Book One ‘The Messenger’. Matt Wells ‘The Messenger’ and his nemesis ‘Kremmel’ are in the foreground flanked by the Center City Philadelphia skyline.

Yoshiko Sakamoto crafted the main characters from descriptions I relayed to her. She also depicts ‘The Patterson Retirement Enclave’ and five characters in the scene on the rear cover. Bob and Lisa are speaking with Matt in front of the massive structure. If you look close you’ll notice ‘Kremmel’ in another guise peering from the shadows. Wait, who is that in the sky? You guessed it: Jerry Garcia’s spirit is watching from the clouds.

This page will expand as I include additional characters to the queue. We will feature the Griffin family consisting of Jimbo Griffin and his father George. Lisa’s parents Nick Holmes and Sharon Holmes will take their place in the Book Two ‘The Sphere’ of the ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ series.

One of these main characters, was a close friend of mine growing up. Kevin Ryan and I hung-out for many years. To be honest I have exaggerated his prowess at convincing hot women to shimmy out of their panties. However, the rest of his personality traits are portrayed accurately.

Also, a character I use in this eclectic series, an icon, no longer of this realm. A spiritual guide like none before, ‘Jerry Garcia’. plays a vital role in the story. The Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and his sister Wendy, influenced this tale about revelation in the modern world. These folks I hope will be people you can relate to. They have their good points and weaknesses, like you and me. They all have dreams and demons to vanquish. Join them on a quest to invent a better method of embracing a higher power.